Support Women's Pro Cycling and Buy Socks!

Help send a team of women road racers to the Northstar Grand Prix.

Photo: tiny wooden boxes

Photo: tiny wooden boxes

I recently learned from a co-worker that the women's cycling industry shares some of the same challenges as the women's snow industry. As a sport primarily popularized by men, women make up the minority of participants and because of that, their exposure is severely limited. Elite female cyclers end up with sponsorships that don't pay the bills because women's competitions are rarely publicized and events have minimal funding to sustain year-after-year. 

My co-worker was passionate about trying to revive a specific pro level event and came up with this great idea. She organized a partnership between Let's Race Bikes (an organization dedicated to building the women's cycling and race community) and The Athletic (Portland-based, USA manufacturer of socks) and set out to design an exclusive pair of socks to be sold to fund a women's team to race professionally.

The socks are designed by Anna Grace, made in the USA and are a lightweight, synthetic blend. I'm sure they're great for cycling, but I've been wearing them all weekend for normal activities like walking the dog, getting coffee, and lounging. But the best part of them is that 100% of the proceeds go to sending a team of women road racers to compete in the Northstar Grand Prix this June in Minnesota.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy a pair now.