Sun Valley Owner, Earl Holding, Passes Away

"Let's make sure to say 'hello' to Mr. Holding", my Grandma Judy said to me as we entered the dining room of the newly built Sun Valley clubhouse.  


Mr. Holding was seated in front of a grand fireplace with a few friends and family, having  a casual lunch.  He may have met my grandmother once or twice before, but he certainly had no idea who I was.  It's not uncommon for my grandmother to be overly friendly to strangers, but this seemed more like an act of respect, so I followed her lead and gave Mr. Holding a hearty hello and wave.  He responded with a polite hello and we continued on to be seated at our own table.

Although our in-person encounter was brief, Earl Holding's impact on the memories I have of Sun Valley that will last a lifetime.  

Enjoying a cold beer in the sunshine on the patio at Warm Springs lodge after a day on the hill is quite possibly one of my favorite places to be in the world.  This beautiful lodge was built in 1992 as a result of Holding's initiatives to continue improving the resort.

Holding also invested heavily in snowmaking and grooming supplies for Baldy.  The yellow padded snowmaking machines that line the sides of so many runs were the first "jumps" that my brother and I rode on.  Now I'm able to take some pre and post season turns in November and April due to all that man made snow.

SLC Mayor, Rocky Anderson, said "I don’t think anyone can have anything but the most profound respect for Earl Holding’s dedication to doing everything to absolutely the highest quality." This dedication to improving Sun Valley is absolutely the reason why I call vacationing in Sun Valley "roughing it in luxury".  

Thank-you Mr. Holding for investing in this ski resort and having the long-term vision to make it a premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.  

Via Associated Press, Adventure Journal