RMEF Elk Camp & Trembling Giants

When I told my friends and family that I was going to Vegas for RMEF Elk Camp, I got a lot of puzzled faces.  I am not a hunter.  Nor am I particular fan of Vegas.  However, I am a fan of this Trembling Giant project I've been leading up at Danner for the past year and that was what drove me to Elk Camp.

So what is Elk Camp?

It's basically a 4-day event celebrating the elk hunting community.  Hosted by RMEF, Elk Camp has seminars on hunting/conservation tactics, a sportsmen's show featuring gear from top hunting brands, live auctions and grand banquets with country music entertainment.  Elk Camp brings in a few thousand people from across the country who are dedicated to support RMEF's mission- ensuring the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and the hunting heritage.

Danner + RMEF

Danner has been working with RMEF since 2010, sponsoring the Saturday Auction at Elk Camp and helping fund their conservation initiatives.  We used the Saturday Auction as a forum to show the trailer for a documentary style hunt film that Danner has been working on for the past two seasons.  The message of the film falls closely in line with the RMEF community's passions and beliefs on hunting and the footage alone is enough to get any outdoorsman excited.  

It was exciting to see the trailer on a big screen in front of so many people and even more exciting to see the film's story resonate with them.


What I learned at Elk Camp

1) Hunters like to dress up.

Ladies Luncheon & Auction - Rodeo Clown Theme

Ladies Luncheon & Auction - Rodeo Clown Theme

2) Even 70-year-old conservationists like to target shoot every now and then.  (This winning bid raised $3,000 for RMEF!)

Pink Camo M&P 15-22 Semi-Automatic

Pink Camo M&P 15-22 Semi-Automatic

3) It's okay if you only know Devil Went Down To Georgia, Charlie Daniels Band is still CRUSHING it.

Charlie Daniels is 77 years old.

Charlie Daniels is 77 years old.

I also met a ton of great people

From the floor of the show, to the late night at Gilley's, to the second row at Charlie Daniel's Band; the community that RMEF brings together is chalk full of great people.  You can support some of their efforts here:

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Lone Wolf
Mystery Ranch Backpacks
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