REVIEW: Ride Hellcat Snowboard 2014

Hooray for the return of camber in women's boards!

Well almost.  The Hellcat uses Ride's "Hybrid LowRize" shape, which features camber under foot and a little bit of rocker in the nose and tail.  After riding flat or rockered boards for the past few season, this board felt like it had traditional camber and I liked it.

I loved the way the Hellcat zipped in and out of turns and held an edge through icy groomers.  I credit the camber shape to that, in addition to Ride's signature Popwalls and Carbon Array 5 (two technologies built into the sidewalls and topsheet to help maximize response).

The twin-tip shape and slight rocker in the nose and tail were helpful when landing switch didn't go so perfectly.  Having that slight rocker helps you smooth right back into place without catching an edge.

I rode this board, and this board only, all season.  The Hellcat held it's own cruising at high speeds, floated relatively well in up to at least 8" of fresh, and was just playful enough to take some laps through the mini-park.