REVIEW: Mystery Ranch Booty Bag

From biking down to the grocery store for dinner ingredients, to hauling my snowboard gear to the mountain and even toting around my latest knitting project, there really is no end to what the Mystery Ranch Booty Bag can do. 

The design is so simplistic that it leads to ultimate functionality.  The top opens and closes with the use of the shoulder straps and a small internal zip pockets hangs on the inside for your wallet/keys/phone.  

The Booty Bag is handmade in the US, with extra durable stitching and heavy duty cordura fabric.  The straps are adjustable, breathable and comfortable.  This pack is rugged, so don't be afraid to load it up with some weight, it can handle it - comfortably.  

Volume wise, it's 650 cubic inches (10L)  which gives you enough room for any type of day trip essentials.  It's lightweight and folds flat, so I find myself packing my Booty on just about every bigger trip I take. 

My most common uses of the Booty Bag include:

  • BEACH - towel, carafe of sangria, magazines
  • GROCERY STORE - anything but a loaf of bread
  • THE RIVER - towel, 6-pack of Olympia, deck of cards
  • THE MOUNTAIN - gloves, socks, goggles, base layer, helmet fastened to loop
  • THE BOAT - sunscreen, water, towel, shades, flip flops, trashy novel
  • ALL TRAVEL - you never know when you need a smaller pack

The Mystery Ranch Booty Bag really is like finding a stash of pirate treasure.  Find yours here.