REVIEW: Nordica Cinnamon Girl Skis


Every once in a while, I really love to ski.  But I can only ski groomers.  Actually, I learned a new ski term - I'm a "Front Side" skier.  That means I stick to the groomed runs and really enjoy lots of carving and linking turns.

When I walked into Formula Sports in Ketchum, ID and asked to demo a pair of skis, I told them I had one requirement - they just need to have as much traditional camber as possible.

The employee responded immediately with "I have the perfect ski for you." And pulled out a pair of Nordica Cinnamon Girls.


With a generous sidecut and versatile waist, the Cinnamon Girl skis were designed perfectly for someone who wants to rip around on groomers all day.  They have 100% traditional camber which makes them super stable at high speeds.  They can hold an edge and rebound quickly in and out of turns.

The Nordica Cinnamon Girls really put out what you put in.  So if you want to lay down some hard turns, they'll hold an edge and support you all the way through.  But if you just feel like being lazy and cruising around some slushy snow, they'll let you do that too.

I loved this ski.