My Alopecia Action Plan

How I plan to change my lifestyle and grow my hair back.

Over a year ago, I started losing my hair. By January of 2014 I was completely bald and had lost all the hair on my entire body.

After many unsuccessful doctors visits and painful steroid injections, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I read everything I could on other's journeys with Alopecia Areata and found inspiration in their stories. 

I read a lot about anti-immune disorders and the effects they have on the body. I recognized that many of the symptoms they discussed were issues that I've had my whole life: constantly feeling tired, constantly feeling stressed, poor eating habits, poor exercise habits, indigestion, bad skin, bloating... hair loss was just the most drastic symptom on that list. 

2014 is the start of my healthy living. Hopefully these lifestyle changes will reverse the hair loss that I've experienced in the last year. I'm changing the way I eat, exercise, sleep and relieve stress to strengthen my immune system. You can read my whole action plan here and check back on the blog each month to see how I'm progressing.