Magento IMAGINE 2012 Detailed Notes

This is a boring post even if you're a Magento nerd.

I wanted a place for these notes to live, so here is a detailed dump of my thoughts and ideas from the Magento IMAGINE 2012 conference.

Deering Bango Magento Imagine

Deering Bango Magento Imagine


This session was all about increasing conversion rates. I loved it because they suggested so many simple ideas that we have completely forgotten about or totally overlooked.

Modal Pop-Ups for further call-to-action (only if we can do them in a not-so-annoying way) Pop-Ups requesting visitors to sign-up for In the Details - could these be targeted for certain visitor sessions? (return visitors, Facebook ad traffic, etc) Pop-Up at end of checkout requesting Danner/LaCrosse customers to sign up for the Breakroom

Impulse Purchases at Chekout - socks, laces, boot care (simple check to add to cart - don't take them away from the checkout screen)

Email Marketing Resending (and repurposing) content to non-openers - a simple change in the subject line can get people who previously didn't open, to open - especially effective during the Holidays (shipping cut-offs and reminders) Follow Up Purchase Email - Review request emails - one example showed a 17% increase in conversion rate, 7% increase in the number of reviews - Bootcare Tips email - opportunity to add value to customer experience, opportunity to sell accessories

SEO - work on family specific landing pages - build these SEO pages into SEM campaigns


This was probably one of our favorite sessions because we are big fans of Warby Parker (one of the panel speakers). The session started off with a simple quote from Bernadine Wu, "It's just shopping." She's so right. We sometimes get so tangled into the technology and latest designs that we forget the real purpose behind our website - to allow customers to buy our product. This session helped me put the perspective back on the customer's shopping experience.

Navigation Changes The customer has been trained how to shop online. Basic navigation is a no brainer. - change navigation into a guided tool (boot finder) - use navigation to help romance the product

Personalization Warby Parker is "focusing on increased confidence and experience". - site is heavy image based with tools that build confidence in product and how the consumer uses it - use real people to tell the story - add sharing functionality to confirmation page

Tools to help - kiss metrics, analytics, focus groups -> data to prioritize - list track, monetate, Predictive Intent (Magento plug-ins)

Standing room only

Standing room only


From social to mobile, to brick and mortar and everywhere in-between, today's customer interacts with your brand on many different levels. Omni-channel commerce is all bout reaching and captivating your customers anywhere. Multi-channel shoppers spend 3 times as much, so it's important that they have a unified experience across all channels. Each channel should be treated as a place to introduce and reinforce brand values.

Category Landing Pages - give identity and educate on breadth of assortment

CONVERSION OPTIMIZATION I will be the first to admit that I need to up my analytics game. This session was a bit of an eye opener because it really showed some great examples on how reading and analyzing data can seriously impact your conversion rates. It also re-iterated the importance and benefits of A/B testing, another field where I sorely lack experience.

Next step/Action items: - check out browse use and conversion rates - where to start with A/B testing? - highest bounce rate pages (why? how can we improve the experience?) - checkout - email sign-ups - cart - abandoned cart promotion - "what did we do wrong?" - use feedback to make checkout/cart better



UNLOCKING MAGENTO ENTERPRISE POWER We need to upgrade our version of Magento! Some of the features I was most excited to hear about from Magento Enterprise were the customer segmentation functionality and and cross sell merchandising.

Customer Segmentation: - group by product, category purchases - send out targeted promotions - export segments to mail chimp or build out emails in Magento

25% of abandoned carts need a single nudge to get them to pull the trigger and buy the product. - We need to be emailing these customers! SOCIAL MEDIA - MONEY MAKER OR BANK BREAKER? This was the session that brought everything together for me. Maybe it was because it was our last one before the end of the conference, but this was the moment where I decided I really wanted to make the customer experience number one. I mean, I'm not just saying that. I really really want to start adding value to the lives of our consumers. I think the inspiration struck at this moment because the panelist at this session reminded me of how intimately we are connected to our customers now with the age of social media.

Remember, you're in your customer's living room. - don't waste people's time - surprise and delight your fans

Figure out why our customer loves us and give them that content.

Ebay and Roy

Ebay and Roy