Don't Worry, It's Just Alopecia

Really, I feel fine. I'm just a lot balder now.

Last December, a small bald patch appeared on the back of my head. Doctors diagnosed me with Alopecia Areata + told me I had a good chance that the hair would grow back.

One year later, I have lost all the hair on my scalp and am losing almost all the hair across my body. Doctors are unsure what causes Alopecia + there is no known cure for it. It is an auto-immune disorder that attacks the hair, but otherwise leaves you feeling fine + healthy.

In an effort to try and grow my hair back, I am trying to get rid of any extra strain on my immune system. Which means that starting January 1st, I will be turning into that obnoxious person who only eats organic foods, is gluten, dairy + refined sugar free, refuses to use the microwave and tries to sleep for at least 8 hours a night. 

I've been so lucky to have an amazing support group. From my boyfriend who tells me I'm beautiful without my hair, to my family who loves me unconditionally, to my friends who have been joining me in Foodageddon. I feel so fortunate to have all these strong and loving people around me.

So many people have sent me encouraging notes and well-wishes on my journey into reversing my hair loss. Many have expressed interest in keeping up and helping out with my battle against anti-immunity. And some have even said that they wished they had such a strong motivator to help them start living a healthier lifestyle. 

I thought it might be easier to share my trials and tribulations of living with alopecia and trying to combat it by writing about it. I know that I have found a lot of comfort and inspiration from reading other people's stories about their experiences with alopecia and I hope that this blog will do the same.