APPT #38 - Dr. Michaels

I finally made it to an endocrinologist!

After I saw Dr. Maria Hordinsky in June, she has been urging me to see an endocrinologist to discuss my low DHEAS and Testosterone levels. I tried for over a month to get into the OHSU endocrinology clinic, but my paperwork kept getting lost, no one would call me and tell me that, and (after having a generally had a bad attitude about the loops of the medical system) I basically told them I was too good for their services.

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My Alopecia Action Plan

Over a year ago, I started losing my hair. By January of 2014 I was completely bald and had lost all the hair on my entire body.

After many unsuccessful doctors visits and painful steroid injections, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I read everything I could on other's journeys with Alopecia Areata and found inspiration in their stories. 

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