Barre3 7 Day Body Blast - Done in 6

I only had 6 days, but I really wanted to use Barre3's 7 Day Body Blast to whip me up into shape before I left for Sun Valley for Spring Break.  It's been over four months since I've done any sort of real exercise and I've been too nervous to go back to CrossFit.  When I saw this 7 Day Body Blast email in my inbox, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to kick start a routine back into healthy eating and working out.


The Plan

The plan is pretty simple, go to class 6 out of the 7 days and only eat a smoothie for breakfast, soup for lunch, and salad for dinner.  No snacks, no alcohol.

The Classes

Barre3 classes are a mix between ballet, yoga, and pilates.  Most of the work is done at a ballet bar where you do teenie tiny lifts of your legs/arms/buns until your muscles are burning and your whole body is shaking.

The Food

Barre3's blog has a great collection of approved recipes for the Body Blast.  I had never really been into smoothies before, but I found a them to be totally satisfying and not that big of a pain to make.  My staples from the week included:

Green Colada Smoothie
Kale and Grapefruit Salad
Arugala Orange Salad
Butternut Squash and Sage Soup

My Results

I lost 7 pounds in 6 days!  I've never really crash dieted like that to drop some pounds, but it was really exciting to see something like that actually work.  The food was also really satisfying and nourishing.  It was really hard for me to restrict myself to the 3 meals only.  I survived by only drinking half the smoothie in the morning and taking sips throughout the day when I got hungry.  The hunger was probably more of a mental game for me - my body just wanted what it couldn't have (food at any time, wine after work, etc.).  I'm also pretty sure that I ate some bigger portions that what Barre3 suggested, but at least it was bigger portions of healthy food!

My arms definitely looked more toned after just six classes.  I haven't really noticed a change in shape in my legs or glutes, but they sure feel firmed up!  There is no doubt in my mind that committing to Barre3 long term would give me better posture and the long/lean body I'd love to have.