APPT #27 - Dr. Roberts

I always love going to see Dr. Roberts. She was the first doctor to really get into my hair loss pattern. When I first started seeing her, I still had a decent amount of hair and she was literally the first doctor to actually pull on my hair. After that, I knew she meant business.

She was also the doctor who gave me the confidence to shave my head and buy a wig. I just remember feeling so relieved to have a decisive plan in place. At that point I was so sick of the "let’s-just-wait-and-see" approach.

Anyways, this appointment was primarily to fill out all the paperwork and do the blood work to submit to the NAAF registry. After a few rough attempts at drawing blood, Dr. Roberts came in and went over my family history with me.

Going over my family history really didn’t give us any insights, since no one in my family or extended family has ever had any form of alopecia or any other auto-immune disorders.

Dr. Roberts explained that alopecia is a genetic condition and even though no one in my family has ever experienced it, it was the combination of all the different genes that somehow created this result in me. Aren't I lucky?N