Williams Peak Yurt

I always knew that I wanted to go heli-skiing for my bachelorette party. But the more I researched, the more I realized that we could maybe get a little more bang for our buck if we looked towards a different kind of trip. I discovered the Sawtooth Mountain Guides after googling "Sawtooth Backcountry Hut Trips". With a $260/day price tag, I hesitantly emailed my girlfriends asking if they'd even remotely dream of doing a 3-day trip. Everyone responded within 24 hours. They were all in.

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Pioneer Cabin Hike - Ketchum, ID

Nestled at the base of the Pioneer Mountains sits an old ski lodge. The cabin was built in 1937 for skiers who were accessing the bowls of the Pioneers. The cabin is occasionally maintained by the Ketchum Ranger District, but mostly relies on the locals to keep it in shape. There are 3 sets of bunk beds inside the cabin and a wood burning stove. The message "Leave more than you take" is painted on the inside walls, encouraging all it's users to help keep the cabin looking good and functional for years to come.

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APPT #38 - Dr. Michaels

I finally made it to an endocrinologist!

After I saw Dr. Maria Hordinsky in June, she has been urging me to see an endocrinologist to discuss my low DHEAS and Testosterone levels. I tried for over a month to get into the OHSU endocrinology clinic, but my paperwork kept getting lost, no one would call me and tell me that, and (after having a generally had a bad attitude about the loops of the medical system) I basically told them I was too good for their services.

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