Winter Health & Safety Tips

Winter is upon us!  Here are some great tips from Wapiti Labs Inc on how you can make the most of the cold season with your dog.

It's Cold - If it's too cold for small children to go outside, it's also too cold for your pets. Because of their thick "coat" we sometimes forget that pets are relatively small animals and are very susceptible to frostbite and freezing. After all, no pets really love being outside in the cold. They would rather be with you where it's warm.

Exercise - Just because you are trapped indoors doesn't mean that you and your pet do not need adequate exercise. If it's not too cold, venture out for a brisk walk to get some fresh air. When it's just too chilly, play a few games with your pet, get your blood moving and have a little fun!

Accurate Nutrients - Remember that when we are out in colder weather and our bodies are moving, we need different nutrients and more calories; this is the same for pets. If your pets are outside a lot and are very active, they may need more food or additional supplementation to maintain their weight and energy. Make sure you are feeding high quality food and natural high quality supplements.

Wipe Your Paws - Sand, salt and snow will not only cause a mess on your floors, it can also be very irritating and drying to your pets' paws. Use a damp cloth to wipe their paws every time they come through the door.

Beware - Antifreeze may seem like a sweet decadent treat for animals, but it's very dangerous for pets. Make sure you put antifreeze and other chemicals along with cleaners in high out of reach places, away from children and pets.