Ukranian Girl Raised By Dogs

OXANA MALAYA WAS RAISED BY DOGS after her alcoholic parents left her outside overnight at the age of 3.  She found refuge in her family dogs' den and continued to live with the dogs for 5 years before a neighbor finally called social services.  During that time she was fully adopted into the pack and lived exactly as a canine.  After her rescue she has been rehabilitated to a lifestly defined by our human norms.

However, I CAN'T HELP BUT WONDER IF SHE EVER MISSES THE SIMPLICITY OF A DOG'S LIFE?  Granted, Kaz probably lives a better life than a slightly domesticated pack of dogs in the Ukraine.  But I would pretty much trade places with her on a daily basis.  This is such an interesting story and I wish we knew more about how Oxana has been coping with life as a human.  It really proves the humanity of dogs though, as they showed such compassion for her and raised her as one of their own.