TPLO Post-Op Day 6

A week ago today, Kaz was under anesthesia and getting her tibia voluntarily broken by the surgeons at Northwest Vet Specialists.  We've had some rough days but her leg is significantly improving each day and I feel more and more confident about the decision to have this invasive surgery. Kaz seems to be in great spirits, all things considered.  She loves hanging out in the living room with us and she divides her time between chewing her bones, watching out the window, and sleeping.  Of course, she is always up for a belly rub.  She does seem to tire more quickly when chewing on her bone or sitting up to watch outside the window.  I'm so grateful she's always been a mellow dog because the next 5 weeks will be much easier to keep her cooped up inside.

Her favorite part about recovery is all the visitors she's been having.  BJ's brother, Jan, came into town for a couple of days and Kaz absolutely adored all the extra attention from him.

Kaz has also been spending some time with her favorite buddies, Clarence the BlowFish and Darryl the Hedgehog.