TPLO Post-Op Day 3

Day 3 was much easier.  We slept in and I finally got her feeding and pill intake on the right schedule to agree with her stomach.  She seemed a little more sore and slower moving around, but I think that was due to a little too much activity the previous day.  The swelling was the same, but her bruising looked much better.  Due to gravity and the extra activity, a large fluid sac has formed around her lower leg joint.  Dr. Lozier has assured me that this is normal since they inject a lot of fluids into the body when performing surgery.  He said that it's not painful at all and should decrease in size in a few days.

We spent the majority of the day watching a Heroes Season 2 Marathon with the occasional potty break.  She is a little resistant to go outside.  I think it's because we have to use the sling to help her get down the step and out the front door.  Once she's out there she stares desperately towards the sidewalk, the direction we take to go for our daily walks.  It will be another six weeks before we can go for a walk.  With a little persuasion she eventually sniffs around the yard and does her business with relative ease.

Concerns: I've been noticing a slight creaking noise when she gets up. It's the same noise my knees and hips make when I get up after sitting on the floor for a long time.  I'm not sure if it's her bad leg or her other leg, but it seems like this would be a normal noise for someone who's been laying down all day.

Her limp is a little worse today.  She just looks sore when walking today.  Yesterday she seemed to put a lot more weight on her bad leg and today there seemed to be more toe touching.

Reassurances: The swelling looks the same as yesterday. Since it's not more swollen than yesterday, I'm taking that as a good sign.

Dr. Lozier told me to be nervous if her bruising turned brighter red.  Today the bruising has gone from red to more purple.

There was no vomiting today with a better appetite.  Kaz ate half of her dry food breakfast and almost all of her dinner (I did have to entice her by adding my leftover avocado on top).  She peed in the morning and at noon.  With a pee and poop at night (slightly "loose" stool).  Ah, how we dog owners love talking about our pets bathroom functions...

BJ came home tonight and Kaz was so happy to see him.  It will be nice to have someone here to help share my stress and worry about her.