TPLO Post-Op Day 2

Sleep Over! We had an early start to the morning.  Neither one of us were sleeping all that well, I think Kaz was recognizing my stress as I was waking up every hour through the night to check on her.  Around 7am I brought her out for her first potty break of the day.  She immediately headed towards the sidewalk, ready to take our usual morning walk route.  It keeps surprising me how active she really is on her leg.  I reigned her back and she made a couple laps around our small yard before relieving herself (again, just a pee).


I made the mistake of feeding her all her medication before breakfast, then hand feeding her kibble afterward.  Sure enough, an hour later I was cleaning up her vomit on the bedroom floor.

Her leg was easily twice as swollen as the day before and had lots of splotchy red bruising.  Her seeping hole had stopped bleeding during the night, but it left a trail of dried blood too close to her incision for me to clean.  The whole leg looked pretty gnarly and throughout the day the ball of fluid/swelling around her lower joint continued to grow.

Trish had told me it was okay to let Kaz move around a little, but I'm nervous that I may have let her follow me around too much.  Since she is a guard dog, it's hard for her to let me out of her sight and her willingness to walk made me think it was okay for her.  "Following me around" meant walking the 8 feet from her bed in the living room to the entryway of our kitchen.  I don't think it was a ton of movement, but I think tomorrow I'll restrict her a little more.

The majority of the day was spent sharing her dog bed and watching movies on my laptop in the bedroom.  She is still a baby and wants to cuddle with me whenever she can, so even if I tried to move a couple feet away from her, she would get up and nuzzle her way back into my lap.

Kaz seems to be a little bit more finicky with her appetite since she's come back from the surgery.  I can tell she's hungry because she scarfs down any treat I give her.  But she has yet to eat a full serving of her usual dry kibble.  I have been wrapping her pills in slices of pastrami and she goes crazy over it.  Even when I add treats to her usual bowl of dry kibble, she'll only pick out the treats and the casualty kibble that gets stuck to her jowls.


After talking to many experienced mothers and eventually the vet, it turned out all my concerns were just the result of an overly stressed-out and cautious dog owner.  The swelling and bruising are to be expected and Dr. Lozier told me I should really only be concerned if it keeps swelling after 4-5 days or if the red bruising gets bright red (instead of purple) and starts to ooze.   The vomitting was probably a result of giving her meds before letting some food settle in her belly.  If it continues, I'll bring her in.

Her personality hasn't changed at all.  She may be a little sleepier than usual, but she still paws at me to demand petting and she'll even try and roll over for a belly rub.  I'm feeling positive that she'll have a successfully recovery. I just need to stop worrying about how gnarly her leg looks.  I don't know how you real moms do it...