The Furminator Brush aka De-Shedding Tool

The Furminator has probably been one of the most exciting dog brushes of all time. Recommended by a friend at the dog park, I was skeptical at first. We had seen this photo at the pet store depicting a sea of fur removed by the Furminator brush, but did our bullmastiff really have that much fur? Would the Furminator really be all that different from a regular brush?

Yes. As it turns out, she does not have as much fur as a golden retriever but I was shocked at how much fur I removed after one brushing. Consequently, our couch and floor seemed to have less fur as well. Not only does the Furminator eliminate loose fur and undercoat, but it actually helps reduce the amount of future shedding.

The Furminator is guaranteed to reduce shedding by 90% by removing the undercoat that normal brushes can't get to. It also helps promote healthier skin and shinier fur.

Pros:: Lots of hair removal and helps eliminate shedding.

Cons:: A little bit on the expensive side. Depending on the size of the dog/brush it can run you $35 - $60.