Summer Travel with Dogs

Road Trips and Summertime go hand in hand.  As you prepare for your vacations this season, don't forget about Fido. This article from offers great advice for including your entire family on your next great adventure. Here are a few key points from the article to keep in mind when traveling with your pet:

  • Consider age, personality and your dog's health.  If your dog isn’t up to extensive traveling, or will only end up spending lonely hours in a hotel room while you go sightseeing, leave your pet at a boarding kennel or with a professional pet sitter.
  • Before your departure, take your dog to your veterinarian to get a health certificate and proof of vaccinations. Different states have different regulations, so it is best to take your dog’s records with you in case they are required.
  • To help your dog overcome motion sickness, feed him lightly before the trip, about one-third the usual amount.
  • Rest stops should be included every four to six hours so your dog can relieve him- or herself. Water should be offered at each stop.
  • Never leave your dog in the car unattended:Even a car parked in direct sun on a cool day, with the windows cracked a few inches, can heat to more than 120 degrees F in less than 10 minutes
  • Keep your dog hydrated: Never skimp on dog food or water to avoid pit stops. Although you should cut back a little for your dog’s comfort while traveling,
  • During your trip, your pet should always wear a dog collar with rabies and identification tags.

Follow these recommendations and you are sure to have a memorable trip that's fun for the whole family.