Paw Protectors - Bark N' Boots

For those of you fortunate enough to be living in areas with snow right now, I thought I'd share a cool product to help protect your dog's paws from frost bite.  My Mom called from Minnesota the other day to complain about the cold and snow and how it was preventing her from walking her yellow lab puppy, Callie Jo, and cockapoo, Sam.  She was only able to walk a few blocks when Callie Jo started limping due to snow clumping Trigger gets excited about her Vibram Soles.

up between her paw pads.

Fetchdog carries custom dog boots designed to be the canine equivalent of hiking boots.  The Bark n' Boots feature Vibram soles - some of the toughest, grippiest, and lightest sole material out there.  Combined with a breathable upper, the Bark n' Boots are comfortable and supportive and offer great protection against snowy, rocky, and sun-scorched terrain.  With it's slip on and velcro design, the Bark n' Boots are easy to take on and off and won't annoy your dog too much.  Now there's no excuse to not get out and enjoy the snow.