Obama's New Puppy

Picture Puppy Here Malia and Sasha Obama were promised from Dad last night that a new puppy is on the way. With a crowd of millions there to witness the act, there's no way Barack can back out of this one. The deal was made a couple months ago, when Barack told the girls they could have get a puppy at the end of the campaign, no matter what the outcome. So, the new question is who will be the next first dog?

The new puppy will be following a long line of first pooches. Over the years, the White House has been home to over 400 animals. Currently, Miss Beazley and Barney (Scottish Terriers) and Spot (an English Springer Spaniel) reside in the White House with owner George W. Terriers and Spaniels seem to be the most popular dogs among our presidents. However, the public seems to think the Obamas will be a better fit with a rescue dog or an adopted puppy from the Humane Society.

Visit the online San Francisco Chronicle to vote for the breed and name for the Obama's New Puppy and the Presidential Pet Museum for more info on America's first pets.