Kaz's Walk, 4 Weeks Post Surgery

We are 4 weeks into Kaz's TPLO recovery and her limp/walk is looking great.  She is almost moving as well as she was before the surgery (just a slight limp).  We haven't been able to walk her any great distances, so I'm not sure what her walk will look like over an extended length of time, but I think it's looking pretty promising right now.  She has never been vocal about any pain in her leg post-op and her limp looks a little worse if she's stiff, but for the most part she seems ready to go. This first clip shows how we use the sling to get her down the one step out of our house.  I think we are technically supposed to use it for support whenever she walks, but she refuses to try and go to the bathroom with it on.  So we use it on the step and when we go to the vet for her check ups.

We teased Kaz a little bit to get this footage.  We started walking our old route down the sidewalk and I'm sure she thought she was finally going to go for a walk.  We had to force her to stop and turn around because we still have to wait another 4 weeks before we get the go-ahead from the vet that she's able to start seriously walking again.

I feel very fortunate that Kaz is recovering so well.  After reading so many negative stories about TPLO surgeries, I finally feel like ours is going to turn out successfully.  We just need to continue with her restricted movement schedule for another 4 weeks and then we can slowly start reintroducing walks again.  Let the countdown begin!