Kaz's Limp, Pre-Surgery

These videos were taken earlier this week.  I wanted to have a reference to check on her progress as she recovers from the surgery.  As you can see, her limp isn't that bad, which is why it took us so long to decide to go with the surgery.  We have been limiting her activity to short 10 - 15 minute walks around the block and she usually seems to walk and run around 70 - 80%.  Occasionally, I'll treat her to a 15 minute romp in the park and after more running and jumping around, her limp will look much worse (like 50-60%).  The vet says that after the TPLO surgery, she should be back to operating around 85 - 95% and without pain.  I sure hope so... Kaz at walking speed.

Kaz at a bit of a trot.