Help turn Kaz into a Robo-Dog!

Kaz usually likes to spend her days curled up on the couch, demanding belly rubs. But occasionally, she gets a little feisty and needs to do some serious wilderness romping and dog clobbering. Recently, one of those "rare occasions" caused her to tear her cranial cruciate ligament (the dog version of our ACL). This injury is going to require a $4,000 TPLO surgery where they will cut and rotate her tibial bone to repair the torn ligament.

While the screws and plates used in the surgery will make Kaz a slightly bad-ass Robo-Dog, it will be an expensive, invasive and time-consuming process. We are asking our friends and family to help us out with this huge financial burden. Even the smallest donation can go a long ways!

As a token of our sincere gratitude, we will be sending all contributors an autographed photo of Kaz and we will (most likely) buy you a beer the next time we see you... Thank-you so much for your help!

To Donate:

  • Use PayPal to transfer us a donation:
  • or send us a check (addressed to either BJ or Courtney): 4514 SE 48th AVE Portland, OR 97206

Follow the latest news on Kaz's TPLO Surgery and Recovery here.