Chewy Shoe Dog Toy and Puppies Behind Bars

FetchDog introduces a new toy that will benefit a program to help injured American vets.  Proceeds from the sales of Chewy Shoe dog toys are being donated to a program called Puppies Behind Bars.  Puppies Behind Bars is a non profit organization where inmates train puppies into service dogs to help the disabled.  A couple years ago, Puppies Behind Bars launched Dog Tags a specific program to train puppies to assist soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Not only is this program contributing to the rehabilitation of incarcerated prison mates, but it's helping veterans cope with Post Traumatic Stress as they re-learn how to proceed through every day life.  Priced at only $16, the Dog Tags Chewy Shoe toy is made of  Vibram rubber in the same mold as a military boot sole and functions as a chew alternative to your personal shoes as well as a fun fetch toy.