Chewy Shoe Dog Toy and Puppies Behind Bars

FetchDog introduces a new toy that will benefit a program to help injured American vets.  Proceeds from the sales of Chewy Shoe dog toys are being donated to a program called Puppies Behind Bars.  Puppies Behind Bars is a non profit organization where inmates train puppies into service dogs to help the disabled.  A couple years ago, Puppies Behind Bars launched Dog Tags a specific program to train puppies to assist soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Not only is this program contributing to the rehabilitation of incarcerated prison mates, but it's helping veterans cope with Post Traumatic Stress as they re-learn how to proceed through every day life.  Priced at only $16, the Dog Tags Chewy Shoe toy is made of  Vibram rubber in the same mold as a military boot sole and functions as a chew alternative to your personal shoes as well as a fun fetch toy.

The History of the Dog Collar

Collars have become the source for fashion for most dogs.  Especially if you're not one to dress your hound up in doggles, booties, and a matching fedora.  However, dog collars aren't a new trend in the canine world.  Proof has been found that early Egyptians, ancient Greeks and Romans have been using dog collars for centuries. This Victorian brass collar dates back to 1844.

Leather collars dating back to as early as 3000 BC were found in Egyptian ruins, depicting dogs names such as "Brave One", "Reliable", "Antelope", and "Useless".  Certainly not as endearing as our pet names today, but the Egyptians's collar use is very similar to our use of identity tags on collars.  Dogs in Ancient Greece and Rome wore spiked and studded collars as a form of armor when protecting herds of livestock.  Preserved in the ruins of Pompeii, a dog was found with a studded collar and an inscription that expressed his owners appreciation for saving his life.

Spiked and studded collars continued to be the norm throughout the Middle Ages, however dog collars did start to become a show of status within the upper class.  During this time period, collars made of precious metals and stones were prevalent.

In the 1500's, dog ownership expanded to the growing middle class along with the trend for reasonably priced leather collars.  The padlock collar also became popular as it was a way to prove ownership if your dog was lost.  This collar was locked together by a padlock and only the true owner held the key to unlock it.   Silver, brass, and gold collars with engravings became the fashion in the 1700's.  These collars would display the name of the owner and sometimes a clever saying.

While the style of collars has changed over the centuries the usage remains the same.  We all still want a stylish collar that will identify our dog with their owner.  Check out the latest in dog collar bling here.

Paw Protectors - Bark N' Boots

For those of you fortunate enough to be living in areas with snow right now, I thought I'd share a cool product to help protect your dog's paws from frost bite.  My Mom called from Minnesota the other day to complain about the cold and snow and how it was preventing her from walking her yellow lab puppy, Callie Jo, and cockapoo, Sam.  She was only able to walk a few blocks when Callie Jo started limping due to snow clumping Trigger gets excited about her Vibram Soles.

up between her paw pads.

Fetchdog carries custom dog boots designed to be the canine equivalent of hiking boots.  The Bark n' Boots feature Vibram soles - some of the toughest, grippiest, and lightest sole material out there.  Combined with a breathable upper, the Bark n' Boots are comfortable and supportive and offer great protection against snowy, rocky, and sun-scorched terrain.  With it's slip on and velcro design, the Bark n' Boots are easy to take on and off and won't annoy your dog too much.  Now there's no excuse to not get out and enjoy the snow.

Pet's Eye View Camera

Do you ever wonder what the world looks like through your dog's eye?   National Geographic has found the solution.  The National Geographic Kids Pet's Eye View Camera is a small digital camera that you clip to you pet's collar.  There's a timer setting which allows you to set the camera to snap a photo every one, five, or fifteen minutes.  The camera comes with a USB cord to connect to your computer and upload your four-legged friend's latest photo collection.  Kaz's photos might not be that interesting since her landscape usually consists of the couch or her food bowl, but more adventurous dogs are sure to bring home some unique shots.

Loews Coronado Bay Surf Dog Competition

The Loews Hotel at Coronado Bay has begun a canine surfing tradition. This summer they celebrated their 3rd annual Surf Dog Competition. The Loews Coronado Bay Surf Dog Competition is an event to raise money for the Modest Needs Foundation, an organization that helps poverty.

This summer, over 60 dogs entered the competition and were divided into three heats. The heats were separated by size and teams. Heat 1 was for dogs surfing solo that were 40 pounds or smaller. Heat 2 was for dogs larger than 40 pounds. And Heat 3 was for dogs surfing with owners.

The results were all across the board, with winners ranging from the athletic Black Lab to the bird hunting Spanish Spaniel. Now is the time to start training your pooch for the next Coronado Bay Dog Surf Comp. Check out Loews Hotel's Su'Ruff Camp. Su'Ruff Camp features deluxe accommodations at the Loews Hotel, surf and turf room service, doggie boardshorts, and a Dog Surf Lesson at the Coronado Bay Dog Beach.

Get Rover excited for the ocean with Beach Creature Toys and Dog Life Vests from FetchDog.

Cosequin Coupon Code

Kaz, my bulmastiff, is under two years old but occasionally has a bit of limp.  We've been doing some research on glucosamine supplements and have found that "Cosequin" has been getting a lot of buzz at the dog park.  Cosequin is a glucosamine chondroitan sulfate for pets, most commonly used for horses and dogs.  The joint heath supplement has been getting great reviews from vets who believe in Cosequin's ability to maintain optimal joint function. Check out this link to see footage of Cory, a flying disc dog champion and see how Cosequin has helped him.  Cory's Clip.

We found a coupon to get us started on the new supplements.  Use the coupon code "AKC25" at to Save $5 on your Cosequin purchase of $45 or more.

The Furminator Brush aka De-Shedding Tool

The Furminator has probably been one of the most exciting dog brushes of all time. Recommended by a friend at the dog park, I was skeptical at first. We had seen this photo at the pet store depicting a sea of fur removed by the Furminator brush, but did our bullmastiff really have that much fur? Would the Furminator really be all that different from a regular brush?

Yes. As it turns out, she does not have as much fur as a golden retriever but I was shocked at how much fur I removed after one brushing. Consequently, our couch and floor seemed to have less fur as well. Not only does the Furminator eliminate loose fur and undercoat, but it actually helps reduce the amount of future shedding.

The Furminator is guaranteed to reduce shedding by 90% by removing the undercoat that normal brushes can't get to. It also helps promote healthier skin and shinier fur.

Pros:: Lots of hair removal and helps eliminate shedding.

Cons:: A little bit on the expensive side. Depending on the size of the dog/brush it can run you $35 - $60.