12/10/12 - first small bald spot noticed by hair stylist - assumed stress related alopecia.

1/29/13 - tested for iron, vitamin d deficiencies and thyroid (iron and vitamin d - slightly low, thyroid normal) - referred to dermatologist.

2/7/13 - first visit to dermatologist - alopecia areata - treated with steroid injections to single spot on back of head.

3/7/13 - 2nd round injections to same spot (reported small re-growth of hair).

3/14/13 - Paragard IUD removed and began use of NuvaRing.

4/4/13 - 3rd round injections to same first spot (continue slow re-growth in that spot).

4/29/13 - notice two more large bald spots up and behind both ears, also thinning in the back of head, and start of all over loss (handfuls of hair falling out in shower, while combing + styling).

5/7/13 - dermatologist treats two new bald spots with stronger steroid injections, recommends a biopsy if the hair loss continues.

5/11/13 - start seeing naturopath, accupuncture, added supplements (increased fish oil, zinc 3x day, iron, vitamin d, etc), start of better diet - cut way back on coffee, alcohol, grains, dairy, trying to eat way more vegetables.

5/21/13 - biopsy performed on large bald spot above right ear and thinning spot on top right temple.

5/31/13 - removed nuvaring for the month, have a hunch that it is causing the all over hair loss.

6/4/13 - biopsy confirmed alopecia areata and psoriasis. Started use of nuvaring again.

6/5/13 - began taking prednisone (oral steroids), in addition to injections, 60mg daily, see a drastic reduction in hair loss after one week on prednisone.

6/27/13 - reduce prednisone to 40mg daily.

7/22/13 - feel as though hair loss is increasing, up prednisone dosage to 60mg daily.

8/7/13 - feel as though hair loss is at a plateau, still shedding, not as much loss as before going on prednisone, but still a large amount is lost each day (no new patches, but large thinning patches).

8/13/13 - met with Dr. Roberts, she did a thorough exam of my scalp, checked my nails and the rest of my body. said that I have a decent chance at growing it back, but supported my decision to shave my head.

8/20/13 - buzzed hair, bought a wig.

11/1/13 - noticed that even the spots that had been injected with steroids were losing hair again, shaved my head down to scalp. totally bald on my head.

11/25/13 - started to fear that my eyebrows and eyelashes were losing hair.

11/29/13 - confirmed that eyebrows and eyelashes are shedding. Arm pit hair has not grown for over a week. Lost most of pubic hair.

12/1/13 - finished with Prednisone.

12/18/13 - advised that my ferritin levels were too low. 

12/20/13 - had my first makeup lesson with Blush Beaty Bar to help me with my loss of brows and lashes.

12/21/13 - began taking iron 3 times daily with addition of vitamin C to help my body absorb the iron.

1/1/14 - committing to a gluten-refined sugar-red meat-alcohol-coffee-free diet, rich in vegetables and fruits. (update: I really only committed to about 70% of this)

2/11/14 - diagnosed with alocpecia universalis, all hair on body is gone except for a few patchy places on arms.

3/26/14 - began taking a low dose of Naltrexone, a medication used to treat auto-immune disorders.

5/6/14 - diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, low acting thyroid. Check out my labs here

5/21/14 - began path to heal adrenals. Focus on rest, stress relief, and a crazy supplement routine. Gluten-free, low sugar diet.  

6/12/14 - met with Dr. Maria Hordinsky at the University of Minnesota. More bloodwork and another biopsy.

6/16/14 - Hordinsky is worried about my low testosterone and DHEAS levels. Suggests a visit to an endocrinologist. Biopsy result shows several hair follicles all in loss state. 

7/3/14 - began topical steroid and Rogaine regiment before bed.

8/15/14 - stopped using the topical steroid/Rogaine. Wasn't seeing any results and was nervous about the effects of the steroids on my skin (atrophy).

8/20/14 - 9/4/14 - GLUTTON FOR GLUTEN. In preparation for my food allergy test, I ate anything and everything.

9/4/14 - food allergy blood test with Pam Rathbone.

9/5/14 - back to low sugar, low gluten diet.

10/16/14 - visit with Dr. Michaels, endocrinologist. He suggests ACTH stimulation test and a sleep study.

10/20/14 - found out I'm allergic to sugar cane, eggs, cow dairy, wheat, and a few more foods. Began to cut out these foods from diet.

11/1/14 - committed to a strict diet with no sugar cane, eggs, cow dairy, and wheat for 6 months.

11/4/14 - ACTH (Cosyntropin) Stimulation test. Results came out normal.

12/9/14 - visit with Dr. Root, Oregon Sleep Associates. Potential low-grade sleep apnea - I decided not to pursue.

12/12/14 - began taking DHEA supplement.

3/24/15 - I got married! And ate foods I was allergic to. But then went back to the diet.

6/15/15 - 8/1/15 - BJ and I worked remotely in the midwest and I began eating poorly again.

12/1/15 - I decide to start looking into my health again. Make appointment with Pam Rathbone to retest Adrenal performance and run labs on thyroids, iron, testosterone, DHEA, etc.

1/21/16 - first visit with Dr. Dunlap, my new naturopath and old camp counselor.

1/22/16 - stop taking hormonal nuva-ring contraception after Dr. Dunlap advises this could have contributed to my hair loss.

2/10/16 - began taking low dose naltrexone and a new supplement routine.

4/25/16 - began taking WP Thyroid 16.25 tab. Stopped taking Biotin, Biosil and Moducare.


Progress + Updates